Verifying tachographs of all brands

Digital GEN l , GEN ll

To verify the tachograph, you can easily book an appointment online on our website or by phone at 0905 798 008 or 0905 612 167.

A vehicle registration certificate is required

With due observance of the prescribed formalities, the time of verifying a tachograph ranges from 45 to 75 minutes.

Notice! Verifications lasting less than 30 minutes are not carried out in compliance with approved procedures and are normally detected during inspections.

The following represents proof of verification and periodic inspection of a digital tachograph:

1. Label placed on the vehicle
2. Protocol from the periodic inspection
3. Metrological label
4. Certificate of verification on request

Tachographs are verified after each repair, installation, or replacement of tachographs, after the expiry of the 2- year validity period of the verification or under the conditions defined in the relevant legislation, such as in the event of damage to security markings, verification mark, in the event of change in the dimension of tyres on powered axles of motor vehicles, in the event of deviation of time by more than 20 minutes, in the event of change of the vehicle registration number or change of owner, etc.

If a defect is detected during the verification, the tachograph must be repaired or replaced by a registered workshop. We provide this service through a partner company directly at our operating site. Our company always provides comprehensive services for your vehicles.


Contact details:

+421 905 612 167 - Roman Pavelek – technician
+421 905 798 008 - Miloš Pavelek – technician


Operating hours

Mon-Fri 7am - 3.30pm - by agreement after 3.30pmy
by agreement on Sat-Sun


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