Selling programs for downloading, evaluating and archiving data from digital tachographs and driver cards, selling tachograph rings, rolls for digital tachographs and accessories


Reading devices

DigiFobPro2 mobile reading and evaluation device

Devices for analysing driver cards and vehicle units (digital tachographs). It contains complete EU rules and, after downloading the driver card, can analyse the data on the spot, displaying and summarising any offences contained in the downloaded data. Very simple and user-friendly device with intuitive interface.

Reading devices

digiPostPro terminal

The terminal is used for reading the driver card and the tachograph memory. It evaluates the driver’s offences over the last 28 days, which are displayed on the LCD. It sends data to the server either via LAN or GPRS. As for LAN, it is necessary to have a connection to a computer network at the installation site. As for GPRS, a SIM card of a mobile operator enabling data connection is required.

Card reader



A compact USB CCID reader. Supporting all ISO7816 smart cards in ID1 format. Mounting holes on the underside suitable for integrating the reader into various cases

Data keys



A universal device for downloading all types of digital tachographs. It does not need any additional software to transfer the stored data to a computer. Data files are stored on a 2GB SD card. Possibility to control the type of tachograph download with three buttons.

Data keys



For downloading STONERIDGE SE5000 tachographs, as well as for VDO 1381 tachographs. It is connected to the tachograph via a special connector and to a computer by an adapter. Data is transferred from the key to the computer automatically after inserting it into the USB using its own software, which is included in the package

Data keys



The advantage is the combination of a data key and a card reader. It guarantees low purchase costs, but still has an effective way to download data from both the vehicle unit and the driver card. You can read and store data from driver cards and the tachograph. It is powered by an independent source, a battery, which makes digiVU a mobile device.

Data keys

DigiDown Plus


A combined device for downloading digital tachographs and driver cards. Built-in card reader. Owing to two AA batteries, driver cards can be downloaded when removed from the tachograph. It can be connected to the tachograph by a connector. No software for connection and transfer is required; data is stored on a 2GB SD card. As it is equipped with the same buttons as DigiDown, which can be used to control the download from the tachograph without the need for setting it up in the computer, this device is sufficiently variable.


CarTracker TachoTEK program


It is a local software solution for managing data from driver cards and digital tachographs. Owing to its performance and use-friendliness, this program is a unique solution for drivers and employees of transport companies. The latest version is a successor of the hitherto successful series of programs from TDCS spol. s r.o., which started with Tachograph Driver Card software 1.4, continued with version 2.0.1 called Driver Card Software and ended with the most successful version TDCS 3.

Remote download

TDCS – digicentral


Completely unattended download of driver and vehicle unit cards according to any download schedule. Fully integrated and supported by the CarTracker evaluation program. easy installation, no more than 10 minutes. The company card remains inserted in the card reader in the company and connected to the computer (which should still be active). Downloading takes place according to the schedule at any time. Secure and encrypted data transmission.

Professional GPS system



A system for the whole transport company. Driver: navigation, Communication, Documents, Correctly Calculated Wage, Driver Card Download. Dispatcher: Current location, Operating modes, Status display, Communication, Instructions for Drivers, Travel Destinations, System Messages, EU Regulation 561/2006, Documents, Data Sharing, Customer Monitoring, Favourite Addresses, EU Business Directory. Accounting - Reports, Supporting Material for Invoicing....., Company Management - Employee Evaluation, Fuel Savings, Time Saving, Servicing of Vehicles, ...... The Truckmanager app is for Android smartphones.

Card reader and evaluation



Card reader and evaluation device in one. It helps traffic managers or drivers quickly find and display card data and evaluate offences under EU Regulation 561/2006. No computer is required for the evaluation; the device has its own battery charged via USB. The evaluation appears on the display within 4 seconds after inserting the card. It not only shows offences, but also the calculated driving/breaks/work/emergency times. It can be used for a quick estimate of how much the driver can still drive on that day/week.


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