In compliance with the legislation of the Slovak Republic (Act of the Ministry of Transport and the Act on Metrology), repairs, installation and replacement of tachographs may be performed only by natural persons or legal entities who are registration holders. Repair and installation carried out by natural persons or legal entities who are not registration holders or by authorised workshops (persons) who carry out their verification contravenes the applicable legislation and any unauthorised intervention is an offence. In a number of cases, tachographs are repaired by replacing them. As regards digital tachographs, their repair is not permitted by EU legislation and they can only be replaced.

Tachoservis, s.r.o., is an authorised workshop; therefore, repairs, installation and replacement are provided by a partner company, i.e., the registration holder, directly at our operating site.

Each repair or replacement is followed by verification of the tachograph. Our company provides comprehensive services for you and your vehicle.

You can book an appointment online directly on our website or by phone.

A vehicle registration certificate is required.


Contact details:

+421 905 612 167 - Roman Pavelek – technician
+421 905 798 008 - Miloš Pavelek – technician


Operating hours

Mon-Fri 7am - 3.30pm - by agreement after 3.30pmy
by agreement on Sat-Sun


Using our booking system, you can view the available date and book your preferred time and date

Accepted payment cards: VISA, MasterCard, VISA Electron, VPay, Maestro